Люблю отчизну я, но странною любовью!
Не победит ее рассудок мой.
Михаил Лермонтов

[I love my native land, but it is an odd love,
For fathom it my mind cannot.]
Mikhail Lermontov


Welcome to Life in Medieval Russia.

I started building this resource many years ago, and many versions of the Web, and of my sites, and of my hosting, and of my life, ago.

Somewhere, I’m sure that ghosts of old articles still linger. It is now time to revive old texts and create new ones.

I invite requests and comments to help expand this repository of history trivia (through the contact page).

Please note, however, that this site is not meant as a scholarly resource, but as a source of prompts for further investigations. It is not the ultimate encyclopedia of all things Russian pre-1650s. It is, however, meant as a heads-up about common and familiar misconceptions and myths about early Russian history.

It is the flip site/side of my official college courses. Here I can simply share my discoveries without the demands of scholarly rigor, and invite my visitors to further research the topics without prompts or hand-holding.

Still, I welcome questions and discussion.

Predslava Vydrina, mka Masha Holl